Block Island: Bicycling on Block Island

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Bicycling is the best way to see block island.  Bikes can be rented at several locations on island, or you can bring your own over on the ferry.  While you can bike just about anywhere, there are a few routes that are more scenic than others.  This 3.4 route begins in Old Harbor (town) and takes you up to the Southeast Light and Mohegan Bluffs before bringing you back in to town.

Begin at the ferry landing and turn left onto Water Street.  Pass the Statue of Rebecca at the Well as you continue to travel uphill on Spring Street, past the Manisses Hotel.  As you continue up the hill you will see the Abrams Animal Farm and North Light Fibers on your right.  This is a great stop if you have any kids with you, or if you are looking to do some touring while you bike.

Continue up Spring Street which will then loop downhill once you pass the Spring House Hotel.  Be careful as you bike down this hill as the views are distracting, the shoulders narrow and the road curvy!  As you ride along the road, the ocean will be on your left and you will have views back towards town.  Keep going and you will pass St. Andrews Church and St. Anns Church.  At this point the road will be uphill until you reach the Southeast Light.  Ride as far as you can uphill, but don’t worry about getting off to walk; everyone does at some point.  Again, you will have beautiful views back towards town. Once you get up high enough, and if it is a clear day, you will be able to see the Newport Bridge.

As you come to the top of the hill you will se the beautiful Southeast Light!  This is a great place to stop for photos.  This beautiful red brick Victorian style lighthouse was built in 1873.  In season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) the lighthouse is open to visitors most days.  This year there will be a food truck selling lobster rolls nearby, making this an even better stop.  There are porta johns here near the gate if you need them.

When you depart , continue to your left until you see the “Payne Overlook”.  This is where the steps decend down the steep 150 foot bluffs.  You can walk to the bottom, or just photograph it from the top.   The beach below is rocky and has no facilities.

Again, head to the left when you leave.  Not very far along, on your left, you will see Pilot Hill Road.  There may, or may not, be a small sign.  It is a dirt road with a triangle of brush at the entrance.  Take the left onto the dirt roat (only if you are on a bike.  Mopeds are not allowed on dirt roads on the island.) and continue over this road to the end.   Midway along you will see “Jonnys Tug Hole” pond on your left.  This is one of the 365 fresh water ponds on the island.

At the end of Pilot Hill Road you will see the monument to the pilots on your left, and a beautiful view straight ahead.  Make sure to move to the side of the road if you are going to take a photo!!

As you continue down the hill, on the paved road, you will pass the Block Island School and Medical Center on the left.  The road curves a little to the right and then it is all downhill again once you pass the Atlantic Inn.

At the bottom of the hill you will find yourself back at the statue of Rebecca at the Well.  This is a lovely 3.4 mile bike ride.